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Alisha & Chike — Minted
Welcome Party!
Come to lobby building on the second floor!




Wedding Party

Alycia Ford-Washington

Maid of Honor

Hey y'all! My name is Alycia and I'm from Minneapolis, MN.  I've known Reynolds for like 28 years, besties since forever. I met Chike somewhere around 2011 I believe, and they have been rockin every since! My primary hobby is mom life. I have two amazing girls, Catori who is 8 and Sakari who is 2. They keep me busy. But, with the time I do get to myself, I enjoy working out, binge watching guilty pleasure reality shows and of course, shopping. I also love to rollerblade and stroll the lake. 

Dr. Jessica Davis Oliver

Matron of Honor

My name is Jessica Davis Oliver. I’m originally from New York but call Atlanta home along with my husband and three children. I enjoy traveling, fashion, and family time. Alisha and I go way back as we are cousins, and we are both dentists.

Treasure Arthur


My name is Treasure Arthur and I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I am a finance and strategy consultant working for Deloitte. I currently live in Atlanta, GA where I spend my time at brunch, volunteering, and visiting the art museum.

I met Alisha and Chike in Atlanta, GA while I was in undergraduate school at Emory University. Alisha was in the class above me, but was always nice and spoke to me. Chike as well! Our relationship became closer when I pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated with Alisha. She was the Ace of my line and was always there for me! Chike too! They came as a packaged deal, lol. Later, Alisha became my roommate and closest confidante when we lived together in Hyattsville, Maryland. We were both starting our careers in DC. I always say that staying with Alisha helped me launch my career. Without her help, I may have moved back home. That's the kind of woman Alisha is. Thoughtful, kind, and caring. I'm privileged to be in the bridal party and to help celebrate of one of my closest friends. 

Kamilah Brennen


I’m from Delray Beach, FL and enjoy doing anything outdoorsy. I know the couple because the groom is my big bro!!!

Jami Edwards


I live in LA but I’m originally from Madison, Georgia. My hobbies include enjoying good food, a good workout, and good music. I ran track with the bride and groom at Emory and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

Dr. Tamerah Marable


Hi my name is Tamerah, but most people call me Tam! I’m from Valdosta, Georgia and now currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I have known Alisha for 12 years now! We first met in dental school while attending Howard University College of Dentistry and became fast friends! I soon met Chike once he relocated to Washington, DC. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see the couple up close and personal navigating their 20’s while pursuing their career goals. I’m so excited to support and share in the couple’s big day!

Randye Rand

Best Man

I met Chike and Alisha at Emory, where Chike and I were roommates for 3 years. So, I had a front row seat to their early beginnings and can't be more excited for them to tie the knot. I'm originally from Dallas, TX and based in New Jersey. My biggest passions are basketball, travel and music.

Ekundayo Brennen


I’m from Delray Beach, Florida. I enjoy music and learning about global history. I’m the brother to the groom, knowing him all his life. I’ve met Alisha after they met in college. 

Dr. Jason Campbell


I hail from Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, and my passions include writing, running, and spending quality time with my beloved dog, Zilla Bear.

My friendship with Alisha began during freshman year, its roots growing deeper over the years. It solidified through “Coleman Love” as I joined Omega Psi Phi fraternity, inc. and her, Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority inc. 

Chike entered my life at Emory University during our days on the track. I might have first noticed him during my high school recruiting trip; his strength and speed were unmistakable. During my solo "pledging" days, Chike provided invaluable support and friendship, helping me navigate challenging times.

Chike and Alisha exemplify a beautiful bond, destined for one another. They radiate kindness to everyone they encounter, and I feel truly blessed to have them as dear friends and to be part of this special moment in time.

Adrian Githuku


Adrian is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (with roots in Kenya), and now lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Beth and two daughters Ariana (4) and Talia (2). In his free time, he likes spending time with his family, traveling, and cheering on the Bengals. Adrian and Chike first met as roommates in Atlanta in 2013, where they immediately bonded over their mutual interests in sports, business, technology, and the Migos. He's always admired Chike's work ethic, humility, and sense of humor and is honored to be by his side on this special day. 

Jeremiah Jenkins

Escort to Mother of the Bride

My name is Jeremiah Jenkins, born and raised in Richfield, Minnesota. This couple is extremely close to my heart. My sister, Alisha, and my dear friend of 10+ years, Chike.  Some of my hobbies include, going for long walks in the forest, spending time painting, and lastly-reading about universal philosophies. 

Philip Reynolds


Hi, I’m Phil, the bride's brother. I work in the aviation industry, and enjoy traveling, long walks on the beach, listening to music, and playing video games.

AJ Rosa


It was on Emory’s track team where I first crossed paths with Chike and Alisha. Though I did not know it back then, it’s where destiny began weaving a beautiful story. Amidst the whirlwind of track meets and college life we found a unique camaraderie. One that only Scorpios born days apart can truly understand. Post-college, Alisha would move to DC, but Chike and I would get to share laughter and good times as roommates and later as neighbors in Atlanta while I was in law school. Eventually, our race came to end when Chike left the city to join Alisha in DC. As I reflect on their remarkable journey from college teammates to lifelong teammates, it brings me immense joy to know they’ll be running side by side forever with love, laughter, and a shared passion for each other.

Rev. Denise Mack

Mother of the Bride

I raised Alisha as a single mother and I am very proud of the Phenomenal Woman she has become.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but originally a Native New Yorker. I’m a basketball fan and still love the Knicks and also cheer on the Timberwolves.

I have been  waiting for Alisha’s wedding day since she was a little girl playing bridal dress up. One of her favorite movies was Cinderella—the Brandy version. She would sing all the songs and dream of a horse and carriage entrance.

I met Chike on one of my visits with Alisha at a Delta Sigma Theta event on Emory’s campus. The next day, Alisha and Chike invited and introduced me to one of the biggest A.M.E. Churches in the area and I was very impressed-for college students that was pretty good.

Chike has been a member of our family ever since, and he has been there for every major life event. I’m so glad it will soon be official!

My wish  for Alisha and Chike is to live happily ever after with Christ as the Center of their joy and marriage with a bond not to be broken.

Gary Reynolds

Father of the Bride

Hello everyone, I'm Gary, and I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I enjoy fishing, watching my favorite sports teams, barbecuing, and fine dining. I'm sending blessings out to my daughter, Alisha, and her to-be husband. 

Dr. Marlene Brennen

Mother of the Groom

Hello there, my name is Marlene Brennen and I am the proud mother of Chike. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I grew up in Bronx, New York, and now live in Delray Beach, Florida. I am so happy for Chike and Alisha as they approach this new phase in their life, and I look forward to sharing many wonderful days ahead as our families grow and expand.

Rev. Michael Brennen


My name is Rev. Mike Brennen, the father of the groom and, also, the officiant for the wedding of Chike and Alisha. I was born in Nassau, Bahamas, and moved to the United States for post-secondary studies in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida. 

Eventually, I took up permanent residency in Delray Beach, Florida--integrating into the fabric of the South Florida community. I am a retired Water Treatment Chemist that serves as a minister in the Methodist Church. I am married to Barbara, and we share a blended family of six children and eleven grandchildren.

At Chike's graduation from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, I first met Alisha who also attended Emory. We all went out to dinner after the commencement ceremony. It was obvious that Chike and Alisha were more than just friends. My intuition was confirmed when a few years later, Alisha graduated and had moved to Washington D.C. for Dental School, that Chike decided to move to D.C. The rest of the story was surely played out in the nation's capital as these young folks matured and their love grew. I wish them happiness, prosperity, and love in the many years ahead.

Abena Brennen

Flower Girl/Child

Hello my name is Abena and I am 3 years old. The groom is my uncle and I like playing hide and go seek with him. My favorite tv show is Baby Shark. I spend most of my time building blocks or playing with my dolls. I am going to be the best flower girl ever. 

Jalen Luke

Ring Bearer

My name is Jalen. Alisha is my big cousin (sometimes I slip and say aunt Alisha haha). I am six years old and in the 1st grade. I love superheroes and playing basketball with my friends. I also love playing video and board games with my mom and dad.